Sport betting and investment both require skill and luck

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There are parallels between sport betting and investing in the stock market. Both require you to take a risk in order to earn a high return and each requires a certain amount of skill, analysis, risk, and chance. For some, sport betting is an alternative asset class, bringing potential for income and diversification. In the same way that a fund manager anticipates changes in commodity or stock markets, sport bettors make a living out of offering picks and analysing odds.

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Regulations around the fields of both investment and gambling are not universal. Sport betting is illegal in some countries, but betting on financial markets (spread betting) in the UK is classed as gambling and is tax exempt. In Australia, spread-betting counts as an investment and is taxed.

The degree of statistical rigour employed by leading sport betting syndicates is higher than that of some investment funds, particularly when it comes to back-testing potential strategies using historical data. In sport betting, models that estimate the probability of a win may be counter-intuitive or hard to justify, yet they offer good predictions that go beyond just being lucky, even if they cannot tell you why.

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