Financial management sport athletes

UCRA helps you analyze your situation and options, evaluate your goals, develop strategies, and then implement decisions in coordination with your requirments.


It has been reported that more than seventy-five percent of professional athletes experience financial difficulties or file for bankruptcy within two years of retirement.

Professional athletes can earn six-figure salaries, but the career span is short, averaging five years, though it can be less. Athletes can experience a dramatic change both socially and mentally if they have made no financial plans, but at UCRA, we believe athletes’ bankruptcies are entirely preventable. UCRA has an excellent reputation for helping athletes plan for the future through smart financial management.


At UCRA we support athletes to achieve lifelong financial and personal success. We support athletes to run their personal finances like a business. Our goal is to help athletes understand their exact financial position, starting with reviewing their personal income statement, balance sheet and investment options. We give clear advice and guidance around all money issues, enabling athletes to maximise their financial potential.

Why you can trust UCRA

UCRA’s professional advisers work with clients’ to provide a clear understanding of where they are financially today, and how to achieve what they want for a secure financial future.

UCRA professional advisers have decades of experience between them in the fields of business management and financial services to individuals and companies, providing innovative and clear business management.

Since knowledge is power, we collate all financial information into an easily understandable presentation as the foundation for making the financial decisions that are right for each individual.

We assess your finances, based on your style of living, to see how far your money can go at any given time. We assess how long money will last in the case of injury, being dropped from a team or when you wish to retire. From here UCRA will provide guidance on future financial opportunities.